Publishing native artifacts

(Paul) #1


I have a build which builds a native library. I need to have another project depend on that library. A project dependency only works in a multi-module project. So how can I have a project depend on a library from a completely unrelated project?

In Java, I would publish the artifact to some repository and add it as a dependency. How is it done for native libraries?


(Marian Stránecký) #2

Hi Paul,

sorry to say that, but there is currently no built-in mechanism for this in Gradle.

See my post Publishing/resolving a native library from an external repository


(Martin d'Anjou) #3

Hi Paul. I experimented quite a bit with Ivy artifacts, and I am able to get Gradle to resolve transitive dependencies for arbitrary artifact names. I guess this would work for native artifacts. I posted my experiment on github. Hope this helps.