Problem with building Android project that uses resources from a different project

Disclaimer: I’m a gradle novice, extremely novicey.

Hey all.

I’m trying to migrate my company’s project from Maven to Gradle, so far I’ve been able to convert all POMs to the corresponding build.gradle files, but I ran across an issue in a sub module when building.

- Core-UI
---- Utils
---- FieldPanels

The sub module FieldPanel uses colors and other resources defined in Utils. I tried adding the Utils project as a dependency (all projects are stored in an Artifactory and use Maven), but it did not work, what am I missing?

/home/development/AndroidStudioProjects/com.project/core-ui/ error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at ‘background’ with value ‘@color/wizard_summary_bg’).

Impossible to say without more detail.