Build netbeans multi module project


(Mattia Rossi) #1

I want migrate from Maven to Gradle and i have a multi module project, the maven build have a plugin nbm-maven-plugin that manage a netbeans module artifact.

After run a gradle init and after some tweak on settings for transient build i getting a error that not found a resource file that exists (the error resource not found report a path where the Bundle.propertise file exists)

So i think this problem is correlated to some plugin misconfiguration.

I use this plugin in my subproject build.gradle:

plugins {
  id "cz.kubacki.nbm" version "1.17.0"

But with gradle netbeans the error remain the same. the error looks like:

~/Develop/root-project/modules/subproject/src/main/java/com/dialogs/calculator/ error: Cannot find resource com/dialogs/calculator/
public class ForwardPricesTopComponent extends NCTopComponent

But the file exist in the path /Develop/nexrates-console/modules/nexrates-console-coregui/src/main/resources/it/softsolutions/nexrates/console/gui/core/dialogs/calculator

I’m missing anything? i have to config where the resource is?