NetBeans plugin work continues

Geertjan Wielenga has had a few more moments to play with his Gradle plugin for NetBeans:

It’s a great start. Maybe someone can help him improve it?

As I’ve tried to expand the NB support a bit I realized that the Eclipse and Idea models available do not fit the NetBeans particularly. NetBeans, unlike the other IDEs, does not need to impose it’s own control structures upon the project - it rather collects all the project information from the native project/build system (eg. it is enough to have a pom.xml for NB to work with a maven project - no additional files necessary).

Also, it seems that obtaining the IDE models requires to move the build to a certain phase and it makes eg. getting a full classpath rather expensive.

Anyway, I wonder whether there is any good tutorial how to implement and register a new model for the tooling API. It might be worth a shot to create such a model for NetBeans …