Problem using JvmTestSuite

I am using gradle 8.7 and a simple SpringBoot project with only one module.

If I use implementation project() it does not seem to do anything and I get no classpath for integration tests?

I ended up having to do this:

testing {
    suites {
        configureEach {
        integrationTest(JvmTestSuite) {
            testType = TestSuiteType.INTEGRATION_TEST
            dependencies {
//                implementation project()
            sources {
                java.srcDirs = ['src/integrationTest/java']
            targets {
                all {
                    testTask.configure {
                        finalizedBy jacocoTestReport

Is this expected? What am I doing wrong?

many thanks

The line you commented should be enough to access the production code.
Can you share an MCVE where this is not working as expected?

Btw. configuring the srcDirs is pointless, you just set what is the default anyway.

And do you really want to finalize the integ test run with a jacoco report for the unit tests? Doesn’t sound too helpful.