Plugin pending approval

Hello, can someone have a look at why my plugin is “pending for approval”?

My plugin is (hopefully) a nice illustration of the power of kotlin-DSL, so I wanted to show-case it at KotlinConf, Amsterdam this week.

This is why I was a bit nervous to see reports in this forum that plugin can approval can take 1 or 2 weeks :slight_smile: Especially since this is my first plugin, I probably did mistakes I would have the opportunity to fix in time.

Hi Jean-Michel,

I approved your plugin. You’re good to go.

We manually check each new plugin to ensure it has a valid VCS URL and description, the absence of which can cause delays.

The process should certainly be more transparent, so in the meantime before we can improve it, please feel free to reach out directly to me:

See you at KotlinConf!


Thanks Eric!

I now have a somewhat working plugin here

Goal is to achieve pain-less gradle dependencies management

Little screencast available here

How can we meet at kotlinconf?


Le dim. 30 sept. 2018 à 15:22, Eric Wendelin a écrit :

You can find me at the Gradle booth anytime!

Our latest plugin version is also marked as pending approval (we never had this issue before).
We just upgraded the plugin to gradle 4.10.2 and kotlin 1.2.61.
The plugin in question is:

Any guidance as to why this version got flagged for approval (and how to avoid it) would be useful.


I replied privately, but want to note for others that in order to avoid plugin approval delays we recommend you ensure your plugin is open-source and has a OSI-compatible license.