Plugin pending approval for one week


I published my plugin to the plugin portal one week ago and it’s still “pending approval”.
The reason I’m using a custom groupId is that previous versions of the plugin were deployed to Central.
Is this a normal delay? (I think I had read something about rather 24 hours)

The plugin in question:

BTW, I’d like my other plugin to eventually use the same net.ltgt.gradle groupId (I had read the docs a bit too fast and it was a surprise to me to see that my groupId had been prefixed); will it go through the approval too? or do you whitelist groupIds globally?

Hi Thomas

Apologies for the delay. We’ve now approved your plugin group ID for both errorprone and apt. The net.ltgt.gradle group ID is also now owned by you so future publishing of any plugin with your account using that group ID will be ok.

Thanks for your contribution to the portal



(that was fast; after the ping :wink: )

One more thing: I had initially made a copypasta mistake in the plugin description (see but later fixed it, but the plugin portal still shows the old description (along with the new one that is):

Is there a way to fix this on my side? If not I’d be grateful if you could.


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for reporting the issue.

We will take a closer look. In the meantime I will update the description in the back-end for you.

Best regards


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