Plugin extension not found in currently registered extension names


I’m currently trying to convert an existing build to use the Kotlin DSL (with Gradle 2.10.1).

So far so good, until I want to use an extension defined by a 3rd party plugin (net.nemerosa.versioning). This plugin provides an extension, which I need to access to get some properties about the version.

The following code works very well in the Groovy DSL:

plugins {
    id "net.nemerosa.versioning" version "2.7.1"
version =

However, when I switch to the Kotlin DSL:

plugins {
    id("net.nemerosa.versioning")version "2.7.1"
version =

This code returns the following error:

Extension with name ‘versioning’ does not exist. Currently registered extension names: [ext]

Any idea of what I could do wrong? Is there something that the 3rd party plugin must do in order to be compatible with the Kotlin DSL?


Hi @ Damien_Coraboeuf
Were you able to fix this error. I have written a custom plugin; when testing it is throwing me similar error.