Please help me out with this

How to create single jar of angular code + springboot code using gradle??

Plenty of people have blogged about how to do exactly that. If you didn’t read any of it, I recommend doing that and then come back here with any questions or concrete issues you face.

The first result I got on Google is this one and it looks like a fine and simple approach: build the Angular project with ng and then serve the result as static content from Spring Boot.

But from where i should study it? I went through lots of blogs but i don’t understand it.

Chose a blog or guide out there to follow. Lets assume you used the one I linked to. Which part didn’t you understand? If nothing made sense at all, then I recommend reading up a bit on Gradle, Angular, Spring MVC and Spring Boot individually first before trying to integrate them all together.

It is easier to get help if you can make your questions a bit more concrete.