Passing `null` or empty String as command line argument in plugin task

Is it possible to pass null or an empty String as command line argument?


    private String destination = new File(getProject().getBuildDir(), "generated/schema.graphql").getPath();

    public String getDestination() {
        return destination;

    @Option(description = "The destination file where to output the schema. If no path is specified, the schema will be printed to the log.", option = "destination")
    public void setDestination(String destination) {
        this.destination = destination;

When I call this taks like:

./gradlew generateSchema --destination=

I get the following error:

> An empty argument was provided for command-line option '--destination'.

I also tried with ./gradlew generateSchema --no-destination but that gives:

> Unknown command-line option '--no-destination'.

I solved this adding:

    @Option(option = "no-destination", description = "Prints the schema to the log.")
    public void setNoDestination(boolean destination) {
        this.destination = null;

this way I can do ./gradlew generateShema --no-destination and the destination var will be null as desired.