Parent Pom kind of feature in Gradle

Hi ,
In my project all are independent spring boot gradle modules and we want to keep springboot plugin with version in one common place and use it across. We have gone through the documentation but did not find proper way to do this. Basically looking for plugins sharing across independent projects. If we try to create custom plugin, how to add other plugins to that (for eg, how to add spring boot plugin with version in custom plugin) ?
How to publish and use thie new plugin in other projects? Please help us to solve this issue.

If you just want to share the version, you can publish a platform and / or a version catalog with the centralised versions you want to use and then consume that platform and / or version catalog in your other builds. (Sharing dependency versions between projects)

Alternatively, as you indicated, you can also write a (or some) convention plugins that then applies the spring boot plugin and maybe also does some more common configuration right away. This is also explained in detail in the user guide and in examples, for example at Sharing Build Logic between Subprojects or Sharing convention plugins with build logic build Sample. Such convention plugins can also be published and then used in multiple independent builds.