Share version catalogs across applications

Sharing version catalogs across multi-project builds is straightforward. Sharing across multiple single-project builds is not as simple. Based on what I’ve read, TOML files are not a good solution but the programmatic API is and a settings plugin might be. How would I use either of those approaches to solve this problem? Left to my own devices, I will likely create a Plugin, apply it in the settings script to add a version catalog populated with suitable data for all applications that might need it. Never having created a Gradle plugin, I could be way off base. Advice or an example to look at would be greatly appreciated.

You’ve read the wrong things then. :smiley:

You can of course do it as settings plugin, and if you do it as precompiled script plugin, it is as easy as writing a settings script itself.

But you can as easily publish a TOML in an artifact and then depend on that artifact in the other builds as documented on Sharing dependency versions between projects.