Parallel execution is horribly broken after upgrading to 2.0+

We have been using parallel execution since it was added, but after upgrading to 2.0 we have been getting various non deterministic bugs, especially around dependency downloading.

After upgrading to 2.1 or the 2.2 release candidate this has gotten even worse, and we get many messages saying metadata is corrupt in snapshots, and our build is never able to finish correctly, often we have to delete the gradle cache entirely, as the downloaded dependencies are completely broken.

Sometimes we also have to delete the local .gradle directory in the project, as that too can become corrupt, beyond what clean will fix.

Hi Mathias,

Unfortunately I’m not sure what we can do with this report. Any extra info you can provide such as stack traces or error messages would be helpful.

Well I can see it wasn’t the most usefull bug-report. I think I got carried away by my frustration :).

We just got a failure during a parallel build using Gradle 2.1 on windows 7

I will post other stacktraces if I get them

Gist updated.

Thanks for reporting this problem. I’m sorry that no one followed up on this. Can you try the latest RC? I think a fix was made to address this problem.

This was GRADLE-3206 which was fixed for 2.3.

Thank you for notifying. I followed it on the issue tracker, and it works fine. But there are still related issues: