Issue 3300: task execution order


I’m stuck with gradle 4.0.2, because 4.1 changed the task execution order.

We have a composite build, and I added task dependencies to included builds for clean, build, test.
Every once in a while someone would type
./gradlew clean distro
Which used to work as expected in 4.0, but after 4.1 clean executes at the end.

There are no dependencies between clean and other tasks, and no obvious reason for reordering.
I did a git bisect and found that the behavior changed as of ea6c002.

The bug has been reported a while ago, and there is a sample project to help reproduce it. Are there any plans to address it?

As much as I’d love to be able to move to a newer version, I dread having to explain to anyone why the execution order gets shuffled.