Packaging as pom type is not generated for the parent project in GRadle

In maven multi module project, we have a packaging type as pom and we use that in the parent project which has the dependencies of all the child modules.

In gradle, can we do the same in a multi module grails plugin project? Because, the pom.xml got generated for all the child modules. But, i do not find a pom for the parent which has all the dependencies of the child.

Thanks Smurf

Can you please let me know, if we have this functionality in GRadle?

There is no analogue for a this kind of thing in Gradle.

ok. So, if a project is as below:

MainWebApp --> Core ->->->->core1 ->->->->core2 ->->->->core3 ->Product ->->->->p1 ->->->->p2 ->->->->p3

Then, in the build.gradle of mainWebApp, we have to mention the dependencies as core1, core2, core3, p1,p2,p3.

Can we do as mainWebapp depends on Core and Product? Can you please let me know, if it works?


Also, can you please let me know how do we manage programming when we work on a plugin project that is deployed in nexus and sometimes we have that in ggts?

  1. compile “” 2. compile project(’:testPlug’)

for example [1] works if the testPlug is deployed in nexus and even though if we have in eclipse as a project it does not consider. if we use [2], it considers that the project is always in our local

Should we always switch between the two and work?

Also,if a project is as below:

 --> Core

If i mention as MainWebapp depends on Core, then all the dependant jars also should be included as gradle supports transitive dependency. But it is not working with gradle 1.6

In MainWebApp, i have added as

compile ""{transitive=true}

In the core, i have added as below:

compile ""
         compile ""
             compile ""

But, it does not work. Can anyone help on this.