Maven Parent pom feature in gradle

I understand Gradle does not have a parent pom maven like feature but I am not able to find any sample or tutorial on this. I download Gradle binaries and did not find any sample project where the jar version is not hard coded.

I tried to follow the topic from the url

but unable to create a simple project. Please help or provide a sample download.

You are looking for how to build Gradle plugins.

Yes but a sample example will be more beneficial and easy to implement. I also there are various third party plugins available but they does not include samples.

The info on building a plugin is lacking in key areas. For example, how do you translate this into Java?

plugins {
    id 'org.someproject.Plugin' version '1.0.12.RELEASE'

I can see how to convert this:

apply plugin: 'jacoco'

But there appears to be two different ways of resolving the plugins. I’ve looked at the JavaDocs and while they are helpful, they stop short of making it clear what to do. If I want to consolidate all my plugin dependencies, etc. into something that is easy to centrally manage, then I need to know how to convert certain groovy script sections into Java.