Gradle alternative for Maven ParentPom

What is the recommended option to implement a similar thing as the maven’s parentpom in Gradle?
So far I saw the gradle script files, implementing a new gradle plugin project that has all the dependencies and is later applied to all projects or use the new support for BOM added in gradle 4.6.
Am I missing something?
I am working on switching from Maven to gradle for multiple projects which all depend on a parentpom.

As I already wrote in the other thread you posted this, there is no need to.
Why would you want to have a “parent pom”?
This concept of Maven does not exist in Gradle and is not needed.
If you want to centrally declare versions and coordinates, use a version catalog.
If you want to similar build configuration for multiple projects, use convention plugins.
If you want to consume a BOM, use the built-in BOM support.
Anything else you would want to use a parent POM for?