Package gradle 7.4.0 for openSUSE


I desperately try to package the current gradle 7.4.0 as rpm here but failed so far. After I found out, that building the gradle-kit in a path containing colons fails miserable, I managed to build it in a colon free area and that seems to be working fine.

The gradle build itself fails with:

[  124s] * What went wrong:
[  124s] Execution failed for task ':base-annotations:compileJava'.
[  124s] > Error while evaluating property 'javaCompiler' of task ':base-annotations:compileJava'
[  124s]    > Failed to calculate the value of task ':base-annotations:compileJava' property 'javaCompiler'.
[  124s]       > No compatible toolchains found for request filter: {languageVersion=11, vendor=ADOPTIUM, implementation=vendor-specific} (auto-detect false, auto-download false)
[  124s] 

but no matter, how I treat the java.toolchain in build-logic/jvm/src/main/kotlin/gradlebuild.unittest-and-compile.gradle.kts, it results in variations of above error.

I tried to vendor.set(JvmVendorSpec.ADOPTOPENJDK), switch to other language versions (8), setting specific implementations implementation.set(JvmImplementation.VENDOR_SPECIFIC), but none is working for me so far.

The major problem with packaging is, that everything needs to be available (offline build) in order to be reproducible.

Any idea how to get around this issue (or should I record an issue on the GitHub tracker?

BTW, I would like to limit the number of used JVMs for the build to one, if possible. I have 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 available.

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