Output dir handling in multimodu builds


we have configured multimodule builds with gradle and want to import them into gradle. Import itself is working well,
but if we launch the app in highest project from IDE, we have the following problem:
On runtime classpath there is the bin path of all projects available. In addition build/resources/main of highest project is available (and only from highest). So we have the problem, that special resources xml, which are very company specific in our environment are on runtime classpath multiple times (from bin and from build/resources/main in the highest module). If I exclude these files from being copied to bin in workspace (Filtered resources), these files from lower modules are not found anymore on runtimeclasspath, because from previous modules only the bin is exported.

So can you please explain, how I can handle this scenario? Is this a bug or do I have to configure my multimodule in a different type.

Any help would be cool
Cheers Markus

Hi Markus,

can you please provide a reproducible example project on GitHub? Normally build/resources/main should not be on the Eclipse classpath. It’s hard to tell why it is there without an example.