Eclipse classpath with buildship of multi flavor android project


I have tried for months to develop (=add features to an existing android app) with the android studio an android app and get mad with it. Ever single and easy task takes ten times longer then with eclipse and some things I even haven’t found yet. So I decided to do the development in eclipse and perhaps use android studio only for some special tasks.

I installed latest eclipse and downloaded buildship and some other plugins. Then I imported the multi module project into eclipse with import gradle project.

The projects where created and ‘Gradle Tasks’ shows me the correct tasks and changing something at the gradle file starts some kind of build. That all seams to be correct.

But in the ‘Package Explorer’ the source folders are not recognized as source folders and the only library is JRE System Library. I can set the source folders manually, but then the the dependenciues are still missing in the classpath. Adding them manually is not possible because the buttons are greyed out.

Am I missing something or why is the classpath not set up correctly? How should it work with multi flavored apps because eclipse complains about duplicate classes?

I tried it with a second android project and there are the same problems…