Out of the box Clojure support


(Andrew Pennebaker) #1

Please provide out of the box support for Clojure projects. Configuring clojuresque is one of the least fun things a coder can do.

(René Groeschke) #2

You might be interested to reach out to the Clojuresque guys to improve the tooling or even help with Pull Requests as it is an open source project too. First level Clojure support is currently not a the priorities for Gradle Core.

(Andrew Oberstar) #3

There’s very little functionality right now, but I figured I’d point out Graclj which will be a new Gradle plugin supporting Clojure. For now, I’m only targeting the still evolving software model that Gradle’s adding.

(Andrew Pennebaker) #4

clojuresque works reasonably well! Would be great if this could be incorporated into out-of-the-box gradle.