Clojure support in Gradle

Has there been any discussion of supporting clojure natively in Gradle? I would love to see this.

As far as I know Clojure support in Gradle core is not on the roadmap for the near future. Did you try the Clojure plugin yet? Is there anything that’s missing from the plugin?

I have looked at the plugin. It does work but unfortunately it does not appear to be maintained. It does have some core things in it that do not work well. Integrating into common development tools like CIDER being one of them. Also integrating with more of the test tools/analysis. Would be nice to have it a first class citizen like Scala.

You might want to try to open some issues on the plugin’s GitHub page or open pull requests with the desired features.

It doesn’t appear there has been any activity on this project for a long time unfortunately. :cry:

They just put out a release last month. Looks like they may have done some restructuring of the repositories lately as well.