[OT] - Seeking Full-time Gradle / Software Engineer (remote/CA)

Off-topic, and apologies if this is not the appropriate category. I am not a recruiter, but I am recruiting for someone to join our Production Engineering team and this seems like an appropriate group of people.

Ghost Locomotion (https://driveghost.com), an autonomous driving start-up based in Mountain View, CA, is looking for a full time engineer who is a Gradle expert as well as general software engineer.

At Ghost, Gradle is intricate in building the millions of lines of code and data models for our self-driving platform. You will lead all efforts around build efficiency and streamlining the CI/CD world, with a broad reach across all development groups. You will evangelize and be the champion for builds, creating custom Gradle modules and tackling complex dependency problems that affect every system we have.

This is a Technical Leadership role with all that entails. All engineers are working remotely during COVID, and the ideal person would be able to effectively communicate across the entire engineering teams. Bonus if the person is in an amenable timezone to California and double bonus, but not required, if they are located in the Bay Area or willing to re-locate if the stars aligned.

Please reach out to me if interested or you have someone you might refer us to for a role like this.

E-mail: greg@gh.st