Origin of "Buildship" name?

What is the origin of the “Buildship” name? Is this really just an internal project name that won’t be relevant when this gets out there?

Etienne may have a better explanation, but the Eclipse Foundation needs us
to contribute something to them in total, including the name. Since we want
to retain the name “Gradle” for gradle, we needed to come up with a name
that the Eclipse Foundation could own.

We wracked our brains for a good name including many puns on Gradle.

Ultimately we all liked buildship, not only because of the availability of
the domain but the lovely connotation of shipping software, which we all
love to do, the great connection between building things and shipping them,
and the potential in the future to use the image of a ship, like a sailing
vessel or the like to identify Buildship. As you can see from the Docker
logo, the idea of shipping things (on a ship) is a pretty attractive one
these days.

So to make a long post short, the name Buildship is here to stay and will
survive post-release and hopefully for a long time into the future.


Thanks for the nice summary, Miko. Nothing to add from my side.

I believe Etienne was the inventor of the name, I should add.

Another great connotation is how with Continuous Delivery that build and
ship become two sides of the same coin. You can hit one button and get both
the Build part and hopefully the Ship part.