org.gradle.api.ProjectConfigurationException: A problem occurred configuring project ':lib'

Dear team:
I have a few Android Studio 2.3.3 projects using gradle:2.3.3 for app and gradle-experimental:0.9.3 for my library with JNI / NDK C/C++ programs and using the ‘model’ plugin. []
So far so good.

Now I’m installing Android Studio 3.3 and try to migrate my projects to gradle:3.3.2 and gradle-experimental:0.11.1. []
Not good…

I have updated the build.gradle for my app (using ‘relativized()’ to address the folder path problem.

But how for heaven’s sake can I address possible new, unknown incompatibility issues with the build.gradle file for my library, when all I got are hundres of line of cryptic exceptions lines instead of – do I expect too much? – intelligible build errors, warnings, infos?

I have tried with commenting out sections, but to no avail! Changing, say, “android.ndk” to “ndk” and moving it into the “android” section, just for kicks. Changed (order of) repositories; etc.

attached the build.gradle, the app/build.gradle, and two versions of my library/build.gradle, and recent logfiles.

hope those help to provide me the what and how and why and to get my build working!

all the best, jm.

really?  as a new user I'm not allowed to upload files????

gee; thank you for penalizing gradle users, users who as Android developers don't really have a choice...

here Dropbox link of the folder with the files:  (better than copy&paste)

can you help?

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for more / better details.