On the Windows 7 (64 bit SP1) command prompt, gradle fails to restore previous text color on exit

I’ve customized the command prompt to user white text on darkgray background.

When gradle runs it changes the text color to black and leaves it there when it exits, i.e. gradle fails to restore the color back to whatever was used prior to running gradle (white in this case).

One (sort of) workaround to get my customized colors back again after running gradle is to use the color command in Windows, unfortunately this resets the colors for entire screen buffer including any colorized output from gradle or otherwise, which is not ideal either :frowning:

Anyway, this is low priority / minor nuisance, but maybe someone has some input?

Regards, Daniel

I’ve created GRADLE-2373 for this.

I forgot to mention that I’m using gradle 1.0.