Nonascii project.buildFileName issue

(guai) #1

I named my build script name in cyrillic on windows and here is gradle’s error msg:

Unsupported cache key ‘scripts-remapped/исужт_каналы_c8r000hl49ep52e36arwr8cel/8ucay1nu3b0j9ufnsse32nos1/cp_proj1efd45104ffa2d33563b85b9edda76e3’

(Sterling Greene) #2

By default, Java uses a different system encoding depending on the OS (CP1250 or CP1252 for Windows, UTF-8 most everywhere else).

Could you try adding -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 to DEFAULT_JVM_OPTS in your gradlew or gradlew.bat script?

If you’re not using the wrapper, you can set the JAVA_OPTS or GRADLE_OPTS environment variable.

If that still doesn’t help, could you provide an example project that reproduces the issue?

(guai) #3

I already had utf-8 in GRADLE_OPTS.
I tried to remove it but nothing changed
Here I made simple example