Non english name

How I can add to war file with non english name (for example, russian)?

from (“src/main/reports”) {

into “reports”


Печать -> Х

Are you asking how to set the War’s filename to a non-English name?

I wrote: add to war + code for copy files into war…

I know what you wrote, I just wasn’t sure what it means. I suppose you are talking about adding a file with a non-English filename to a War?


In src\main\reports\ Тест.pdf In war reports\ӥ

You can either use unicode escape sequences in the build script (as you would do in a Java source file), or choose an appropriate file encoding (say utf-8) for the build script. In the latter case, it’s generally necessary to set the same file encoding for the Gradle JVM. (Depending on your JVM and platform, utf-8 may already be the default.) This can be done by passing ‘-Dfile.encoding=utf-8’ on the command line or via the ‘GRADLE_OPTS’ environment variable. Adding ‘systemProp.file.encoding=utf-8’ to ‘’ should also work, though probably only for builds that have the Gradle Daemon enabled.

Thx, “systemProp.file.encoding=utf-8 to” works