Non-Standard Version Identifiers

For various crazy reasons, the stuff I work on is has releases named “D47 Blue” or “P48 Yellow”. * The “P” deliveries generally are dependent on the content of the “D” deliveries. * The numbers follow the usual rules that larger numbers represent newer deliveries * The colors drive me crazy and are arbitrarily ordered, e.g., the first release is “Blue” while our last release is “Red”.

We are crafting a SCM roadmap towards dependency management using Gradle. Can you speak to how much support you have for such crazy schemes? What are the consequences of keeping such a scheme?

I’m leaning towards changing our release names to something normal, e.g., “47.2.1”, but I wanted to at least understand what the alternatives were …

Well as long as you don’t want support for dynamic versions using this scheme should not be a problem in gradle. But I would replace the space with an underscore or dash.

That’s what I suspected. My real concern is whether or not Gradle could determine which version was the newest using this scheme.

It would not be able to. We do want to add some way for you to provide the logic for ordering versions (ie specify the versioning scheme), but we don’t have this yet.