Need help to compile Java code in Gradle


My requirement is:

I have 4 directories A, B, C and D. Each directory has the following subdirectories java/src and after compilation each directory produces a separate JAR file with the same name as the name of directory. for example A.jar, B.jar and so on.

How I can fulfill this requirement in Gradle.

I also want to generate the build folder under each directory. for example for directory A it should be A/build and for B it should be B/build and so on.

Also need to change the name of JAR i.e. same name as the name of directory

I am new to gradle. Please help me how I can achieve this.

Thanks, Sanjiv

Have a look at the “Multi-Project Builds” chapter in the Gradle User Guide and the multi-project build samples in the full Gradle distribution.

Thanks Peter for showing right direction :slight_smile:

Can you please me in one more small question? I need to capture the Java Version and Gradle Version in MANIFEST.MF file as we did in ANT? Can you please help me on this?

Thanks, Sanjiv

See the docs for the Jar task, or similar posts in the forum.

Can anybody please help me how to run the below command in gradle:

gradle -version | grep ^JVM

Thanks, Sanjiv

not sure what you are trying, but I think

gradle -version | grep JVM

should do the trick.

regards, René

Thanks Rene for quick response. Actually I am trying to extract the Java Version using this command. But the command after pipe symbol i.e. grep JVM or grep ^JVM did not work. I am not sure how to run the unix commands having pipe symbol in Gradle. This is my code:

task extarctVersion {

new ByteArrayOutputStream().withStream { os ->

def result = exec {

executable = ‘gradle’

args = [’-version’,’|’,‘grep JVM’]

standardOutput = os


output = os.toString()

} }

I also have tried following:


Thanks, Sanjiv

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