Getting java version of current gradle run

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Can anybody please help me how to run the below command in gradle:

gradle -version | grep ^JVM

Thanks, Sanjiv Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Need help to compile Java code in Gradle topic.

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Can you give more background information what you try to achieve with the jvm version information? You can get Information about the current Jvm by using:

def currentJvm = org.gradle.internal.jvm.Jvm.current()
println currentJvm

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Hi Rene,

I am not looking for the JVM information. I need to extract the current Java and Gradle version to use somewhere in the script. I was trying the following command:

gradle -version | grep JVM

I have written my gradle task also to get the same. This is the code:

task extarctVersion {

new ByteArrayOutputStream().withStream { os ->

def result = exec {

executable = ‘gradle’

args = [’-version’,’|’,‘grep JVM’]

standardOutput = os


output = os.toString()



I seems that the command after pipe symbol is not working. Is there some way in Gradle to get the current Java and Gradle version?



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Thanks Rene :slight_smile:

Yes the code which you sent is giving me the Java version. Is there something similar to get the Gradle version no?

Thanks, Sanjiv

(René Groeschke) #5


you can use GradleVersion for that:

println GradleVersion.current().getVersion()
  // or even better
 println GradleVersion.current().toString()

cheers, René

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Thanks Rene for your quick response!!!

Yup its working fine now.