Need a javaScript Plugin to minify every JavaScript file

(amin.zamani) #1

Can someone tell me how to get a plugin to minify every javascript file inside his own javascript file?

Example: a.js will be minified to b-min.js b.js will be minidified to b-min.js

The Problem is: There are many javascript plugins, but I do not know how to use them. I have a usual gradle projekt and want that every javascript file is minified when I build the project. Does someone knows a good javascript plugin with a good doku? Here seems to be a good one ( but they do not describe how to build for every file his own minified version. Does someone knows a site (example/tutorial) that shows a full example for a standard gradle project? Thanks!

Shalom Amin Zamani

(Luke Daley) #2

Have you looked at ?

(amin.zamani) #3

Thanks very much for your reply. But there is even not one example. how to use this plugin when I want that every javascript file should stand in his own js-minified file and not mixed with other js files in one file. I only want, that when I start a special task, that every js file gets his OWN minified js file version.

(amin.zamani) #4

Inside the obove link I find in the Quick Link no task that creates for every js file a new min.js file. But every js file is inserted in one and the same js file. But I want that every js file gets his own js minified version.

(Eric Wendelin) #5

This is how you might use the Gradle JS plugin for what you’re asking. First, apply the plugin using the examples and write:

javascript.source {
    custom {
        js {
            srcDir "src/js"
            include "*.js"
  javascript.source.custom.js.files.eachWithIndex { jsFile, idx ->
    tasks.add(name: "dominify${idx}", type: com.eriwen.gradle.js.tasks.MinifyJsTask) {
        source = jsFile
        dest = "${buildDir}/${}"
task individualMinify(dependsOn: tasks.matching { Task task ->"dominify")})