Native SW model support in 4.4.1

Referring to this blog post:

Is the rule based SW model still the default for native in 4.4.1?
From the docs it seems like it -

I found this set of examples (not tested yet):

If the rule based model still the default for 4.4.1, what is the timeline on when this will be changed (based on the blog post above)?

We use internal plugins that customize the C/C++ builds to our needs. We use RuleSource plugins for this purpose.
This change will have a huge impact on us, so I would like to be able to allocate time for this.
However we don’t want to start working before the new C/C++ plugins DSL is stable.


We hear your concern and are keeping them in mind. With the direction of the native domain in Gradle, we are working hard on consolidating all ecosystem. We made lots of effort on the Java front to move it forward by introducing more variant aware modeling which is the key to model the native domain successfully.

With the current native effort, we are working toward a stable native ecosystem inside Gradle (graduating from incubating status). As we move toward this goal, we will publish migration guide for the developers investing in Gradle for native. As of now (Gradle 4.4.1), the software model is still the stable way to build native software with Gradle. We will make an announcement when we recommend developers to migrate. For now, you can keep using the software model for your project.

The impact seems high at first, but we are reusing all native tasks as well as most concepts already available in the Software Model. The configuration is where things are changing. That being said, it’s already possible to bridge the current model into the software model and vice-versa which will be the basis for the migration path. Using ZenHub, you can have a look at our issue board on GitHub to get an idea of the progress.

Until then, we encourage you to play around with the gradle/native-samples repository and give us your feedback. You can request and vote for features on gradle/gradle-native board for Gradle to consider during the development.