Gradle Native Code Plugin Advancements

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I shared this story recently to Luke Daley at the Continuous Delivery Experience Conference, but I’ll share it here:

Recently, I migrated a project to use the Gradle Native Code plugin (C++) as a proof of concept. I showed the resulting Gradle build file to a coworker who is fairly familiar with the project, but relatively unfamiliar with its build system (previously a combination of a Makefile and an Ant/Ivy build). Within seconds of looking at the model-centric native code build configuration in Gradle, he astutely proclaimed: “Wait a second… why are we using the 10.4 OSX SDK for this project…?”

+1 to the Gradle team for making huge strides in transforming the notoriously confusing native code space into a much more easily maintainable and understandable environment to work within.


Thanks Seth!

Development is ongoing and we’re definitely not quite there yet. Feedback and assistance is very welcome.