[native] need help with Visual Studio plugin


I have a couple of issues with the generation of Visual Studio solution and project files:

  1. Is it possible to configure custom filters (virtual folders in the solution) for projects and files? I would like to group related projects into filters and do the same for files inside projects to tidy up everything. The flat default layout can be a little inconvenient for bigger solutions.
  2. I noticed that the generated projects are missing include paths for standard libraries and the Windows headers. This doesn’t affect the build, because that is still done by Gradle, but it does affect the IntelliSense system in the editor. Because IntelliSense can’t find the standard headers, it reports them as unknown and doesn’t provide any form of auto-completion. That’s inconvenient too. Is there a remedy?
  3. In Visual Studio there are solution configurations (for build types like debug and release) and solution platforms (like Win32 or x64). The Visual Studio plugin doesn’t care for the platform at all. It just generates different configurations for all possible combinations of build type and platform. Again this doesn’t affect the build, but confuses IntelliSense, because when I select a 64-Bit configuration like x64Debug, the platform in Visual Studio is still Win32. The effect is that IntelliSense thinks compiler macros that are predefined for 64-Bit builds (like _WIN64, _M_X64 or _M_AMD64) are undefined.