Native Binaries: platform variants not getting built

I’m using 2.10-rc-2 on Windows 7 Pro with the VisualCpp toolchain. msvc is fully capable of producing both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries, but I’m only seeing a single variant produced when I run gradlew build.

My model has these entries:

    platforms {
        x86 { architecture 'x86' }
        x64 { architecture 'x86_64' }

    buildTypes {


  binaries {
      all {
        def outPath = project.buildDir.getAbsolutePath() + '/' + + '/' +
        File outDir = new File(outPath);

…but my $buildDir folder has only one platform-specific folder generated by the call to outDir.mkdirs() above:


What am I missing? Where is the 64-bit variant?

This problem morphed into the topic below, which started out in the bugs forum. It’s since migrated into the discuss forum, but I think some of the behaviors are possible bugs and are at least inconsistent with the documented behavior. Anyway, the thread below is more informative on this topic.