Modifying ivy descriptor in version 1.2


I am using version 1.2 and want to modify ivy.xml file before it gets published to the repository. I can’t use version 1.3 as it does not support sftp resolver. Yes, we haven’t traveled the Artifactory, Nexus path yet :slight_smile:

Is there a hook where I could modify the descriptor before publishing?

Thanks! Richie

First the good news: you can certainly upgrade to Gradle 1.3 and still use the SFTPResolver in the same way you can in 1.2. Everything that worked in 1.2 should work properly in 1.3.

The bad news is that ivy.xml modification is only available as part of the new ‘ivy-publish’ plugin that was introduced in Gradle 1.3, and the ‘ivy-publish’ plugin does not yet have support for SFTP publishing.

You might be able to get things to work by using the ‘ivy-publish’ plugin to publish to a local directory, and then script something up to copy the publication to the correct location on the server. Not ideal, I know, but it might be a workaround.

Thanks Daz! I did upgrade to 1.3 and that’s when I found out that ivy-publish plugin did not support SFTP protocol. Is SFTP likely to be supported anytime soon?

@Richard: we do want to support it, and soon… but we can’t promise what “soon” means.

Can you please open up another topic on here, which I’ll then export to JIRA which you can then vote on.