Migration guide to the Kotlin DSL

In case anyone is interested, I wrote a relatively short guide to migrate from the Groovy DSL to the Kotlin DSL.

Critics, issues and pull requests welcome.


Hi @jnizet

great work :+1:
I really appreciate the work you have done there.

But are there good reasons why you haven’t contributed to the Kotlin-DSL repo directly?
There is already open issues like this and this. There is even a repository for exactly that what you have done.

It would be really nice if you can contribute there so we have a central and “official” place for such a migration guide :+1: :smiley:

Thanks Stefan.

I’ve been contacted by the Gradle team to contribute to the official guide. The toolchain is not completely ready yet, but this guide should be the basis of an official gradle guide soon (hopefully).
My goal was to have something immediately, but as temporary as possible, because yes, I agree, this should be part of the official gradle documentation (and it will).

Ah cool. Nice to hear :ok_hand:
Which toolchain do you mean exactly (which aren’t ready yet)?