Any known gradle to kotlin DSL converter


Any known good migration/converter approach to convert .gradle files to kotlin DSL file i.e. auto migration etc… I was expecting Intellij to do that… but it does not seem to have any.

Raja Nagendra Kumar,
Code Doctor & C.T.O

You try to convert from one DSL in a turing-complete language to another one.
I presonally don’t know any good tool that can do it for you.
But you can have a look at Migrating build logic from Groovy to Kotlin for hints and tips how to do it manually.


Tried with ChatGPT, it seems to confidently convert… but runtime errors 20+…

ChatGPT is good to get answer that look correct, but seldomly to get answers that are correct from what I have seen so far.
Besides that its knowledge is older than 2 years.
ChatGPT is a fancy toy, but you can imho use it only for things you could have done entirely yourself but are too lazy to (the good lazy, not the bad one).
Because you always need to verify what it answers and fix the non-sense it does.
It also uses for example methods on APIs that never existed and things like that.


ChatGPT answers are also banned from StackOverflow for good reasons: Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned - Meta Stack Overflow