Migrating existing WAR project to EAR multi-project?

Hi there,

we have an application that is a simple WAR (for App Engine). Now we want to use the new Modules features from App Engine and need to restructure our app as an EAR (like here https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/appengine-modules-sample-java).

Usually this wouldn’t be a problem but I can’t just move around our directories (since for EAR I would have to move all our folders from the root dir to a sub dir).

I think we could use something like this:

/ myapp --| module-root -----| build.gradle -----| settings.gradle (include ‘…’) --| module-ear -----| build.gradle (deploy project(path: '…) --| src -----| main -----| test --| build.gradle

How do I configure the ‘module-root’ so that it uses the root directory as a sub-project?

Regards Stephan