Maven artifactory snapshot multiple days stale

We have multiple JFrog artifactories and access them by maven. SNAPSHOTs going to the dev url, and releases going to a prod url. even with --resolve-dependencies it does not pick the newest snapshot.
allprojects { repositories { maven { url rootProject.file('repository') } mavenCentral() maven { url rootProject.artifactoryProdRepoUrl credentials { username rootProject.artifactoryUser password rootProject.artifactoryPassword } } if(isSnapshot){ maven { url rootProject.artifactoryDevRepoUrl credentials { username rootProject.artifactoryUser password rootProject.artifactoryPassword } } } }

When run with --refresh-dependencies the log looks (with obfuscating the actual log messages). Note the first message states the resource is missing, but it was asking for a specific snapshot revision and it was against the prod repo. The other messages
Resource missing. [HTTP HEAD: https://artifactory..../x-mvn-prod/.../sdk/1.10.0-SNAPSHOT/sdk-1.10.0-*20201210.232119-90.jar*] x-mvn-dev/.../sdk/1.10.0-SNAPSHOT/sdk-1.10.0-20201210.232119-90-sources.jar is up-to-date (lastModified: Thu Dec 10 15:21:23 PST 2020). Cached resource https://artifactory..../x-mvn-dev/.../sdk/1.10.0-SNAPSHOT/sdk-1.10.0-20201210.232119-90-javadoc.jar is up-to-date (lastModified: Thu Dec 10 15:21:24 PST 2020).
This is run while there are several 20201218 visible in the aritfactory directory for that snapshot, and its really weird that there were 20201205 snapshots as well. Why 20201210?

Note that as a work around I’ve followed suggestions to disable caching:
allprojects { repositories { ... } configurations.all { resolutionStrategy { cacheChangingModulesFor 0, 'seconds' } }
which resolved the SNAPSHOT issue, but slowed the build down considerably.