Gradle fetches stale snapshots from Maven repo if artifacts have a unique version

I wanted to ask before I report this as a bug.

I have a Maven repository to which artifact snapshots are deployed with the Maven option uniqueVersion=true (see here).
This means the suvollst/1.2-SNAPSHOT directory on the Maven repo currently looks like this:

maven-metadata.xml                           11-Oct-2019 11:54  1.17 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191001.092018-1-javadoc.jar   01-Oct-2019 11:20  91.66 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191001.092018-1-sources.jar   01-Oct-2019 11:20  19.21 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191001.092018-1.jar           01-Oct-2019 11:20  14.23 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191001.092018-1.pom           01-Oct-2019 11:20  1.45 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191001.110139-2-javadoc.jar   01-Oct-2019 13:01  91.71 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191001.110139-2-sources.jar   01-Oct-2019 13:01  19.21 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191001.110139-2.jar           01-Oct-2019 13:01  14.23 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191001.110139-2.pom           01-Oct-2019 13:01  1.45 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191009.130936-3-javadoc.jar   09-Oct-2019 15:09  91.76 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191009.130936-3-sources.jar   09-Oct-2019 15:09  19.21 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191009.130936-3.jar           09-Oct-2019 15:09  14.23 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191009.130936-3.pom           09-Oct-2019 15:09  1.45 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191011.095440-4-javadoc.jar   11-Oct-2019 11:54  91.73 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191011.095440-4-sources.jar   11-Oct-2019 11:54  19.21 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191011.095440-4.jar           11-Oct-2019 11:54  14.23 KB
suvollst-1.2-20191011.095440-4.pom           11-Oct-2019 11:54  1.45 KB

My Gradle project pulls in those snapshots as dependencies but even with --refresh-dependencies and deleting the Gradle caches, Gradle downloads stale/old snapshots instead of the newest ones.

Is this a bug or can I somehow get Gradle to actually download the newest snapshots?