Master the Java Build pipeline using Gradle

Want to master the Java Build pipeline using Gradle? Practical Build Management with Gradle by Packt will help walk you through implementing comprehensive build pipelines step-by-step with Gradle for Java projects of any size.

This course is aimed at developers who are familiar with Java but want to go beyond writing code in IDE and implement comprehensive build pipelines while gaining more knowledge and familiarity with a number of practical Gradle techniques.

You’ll set up a build for multi-module Java projects, ensure that business logic is covered by unit and even integration tests, and guarantee your code quality is always at an acceptable level and you’re ready to deliver changes.

What You Will Learn

  • Gradle features such as dependency management and parameterization,
  • Create a structure for Java projects and execute builds
  • How to add and overview dependencies to compile Java source code.
  • Cover source code with integration tests.
  • Learn how to parameterize Gradle execution to support different build conditions.
  • Learn flexible execution and adapt to the needs of your project.

Izzet Mustafaiev has experience of working in IT projects, taking various roles in software development as a software engineer and technical architect. He is particularly interested in web projects, new technologies, and frameworks, including Google Compute Engine, Docker, Ansible, Spring Boot, Vert.X, Erlang, Chef, Django, Play Framework, Capistrano, and Spring Integration. He has about 10+ years’ experience in software engineering.