How pass Gradle command parameters to execute a task through Buildship

I know that if in Gradle I use: build -x test it builds and the test are not executed.

In STS with Buildship for support with Gradle, for example for Spring Integration

It has the following two tasks of my interest ( build and test ):

I can build with the following:

Because some test fails (randomly) I want skip the tests, so I tried

it fails with:

So I tried with:

And fails with

And with:

Nothing happens, only shows the following and stopping:


So how represent build -x test correctly with Buildship?

It can work more than one way, but most correctly, you have one Gradle Task, which is build and two Program Arguments, which are -x AND test. You have -x test as a single argument, which is the same as writing gradle build '-x test' quoted together, not gradle build -x test.

Thanks for the reply. Ok, you are explaining the situation and is clear the problem, but you are not indicating explicitly the solution.

The solution is do the following:

The post and solution is here:

Of course. Thanks for your support