Buildship program arguments do not resolve Eclipse variables

Hi guys,

I am trying to set up a gradle project that internally uses some embedded test fixture. To make development and building easier I want to use buildship to define some run configurations like “test all” or “test single file”. To enable the latter I wrote a gradle task so that it accepts an argument
-Ptestfile=“the file that should be tested”.

Now to not always change the configuration itself I wanted to use Eclipse’s variable argument

but that does not seem to be resolved at all. When executing that run configuration it results in the program argument staying Program -Ptestfile=${selected_resource_name} instead of being replaced with a .c-file that was selected at the time. Is that expected behaviour that you cannot pass such variable helpers to Gradle or is it a bug in buildship?

Gradle Version: 4.2
Java Version: 1.8.0_144
Buildship Version: 2.1.2.v20170807-1324

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You’ve hit a Buildship bug. We’ll fix this in the next relese:

Ah, good to know. Thanks!