Login popup not supported by 1Password

(Etienne Studer) #1

The forum popup login does not work with 1Password on Mac Safari 5.1, making the login process a bit cumbersome for me.

(Hans Dockter) #2

Interesting. For me this works like a charm.

(René Groeschke) #3

works for me too.


Doesn’t work well for me in Chrome on Mac, either. Keyboard shortcut doesn’t work, and I have to switch off “Automatically submit logins” or it tries to log me in with my google account.

I’m using 1password v3.8.3.b3, which is a beta. So that might be the problem.

Luckily, GS keeps me logged in, so it’s not too much of a hassle on a day-to-day basis.

(Luke Daley) #5

@Etienne & Daz

Do you guys mind jumping on http://getsatisfaction.com/getsatisfaction/topics/1password_login_incompatibility to get this sorted out. It’s not under our control unfortunately.

Can you please post back here with how you get on so we can resolve this problem one way or the other.

(Etienne Studer) #6

Ok for me, since the forum now remembers my password and I hardly ever see the login dialog anymore. Can be closed from my point of view.

(Luke Daley) #7

Ok cool, will close off. GetSatisfaction are aware of it so it will be fixed at some point anyway.

(Luke Daley) #8

Etienne, I’m going to close this one off as Hans and Rene have said this actually works.