How to change my Gradle Forums Password?

I think I might be missing something obvious here… I can’t find a section under preferences to change my password?

@jwa Did you ever figure this out? I’m wondering the same thing now.

The Gradle Forums use single sign-on. The systems of record are GitHub and the Plugin Portal. It’s likely you used the Plugin Portal if you’re not immediately thinking GitHub. You’re probably looking for this profile:

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Thank you for the link. I have tried to change my password, but there appears to be a bug in the form.

When the form is submitted with my new password I am informed that “email address is taken”, and my new password has not become effective.

More worrying still, the form does not ask me to confirm my old password before allowing me to enter a new one. This seems to be a pretty significant security oversight.

Overall, a pretty sad state of affairs considering this is a site built by software engineers for software engineers.