Local class incompatible exception on uptodate check when upgrading plugin

As I was working on my macappbundle plugin, I kept running into this error, which was caused by my modifying the extension class for the plugin. It is pretty simple to remove the taskArtifacts.bin file and rebuild, but it seems like this is something that gradle should be able to deal with.

Within an uptodate check, a “local class incompatible” exception probably means that the task is not up to date, and so you should just zap the old serialized copy and run the task. But if you think that is not a good idea for some reason, perhaps you could invalidate the up to date data whenever the version of the plugin changes. Personally, I am not sure I want to rely on an up to date check across versions of a plugin, as there is a good chance that enough has changed that the up to date checks can’t really be trusted.

  • What went wrong: Could not read entry ‘:gee:generatePlist’ from cache taskArtifacts.bin (/Users/crotwell/dev/seis/.gradle/1.11/taskArtifacts/taskArtifacts.bin). > edu.sc.seis.gradle.macAppBundle.MacAppBundlePluginExtension; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = -1342038894278090073, local class serialVersionUID = 9165494291494694979


This is another variant of GRADLE-2936.