Links for source repositories provided in the Gradle documentation

In the Maven world, plugin documentation includes a section on the source project, including links to the public repository.

In particular, I’ve run into an issue with the Build Dashboard plugin, and am having difficulty tracking down the issue tracker for it. Looking through the documentation (, I’m not spotting where to go.

The issue I want to report (and potentially submit a PR for) is here:

Where can I report issues for core plugins?

I see some similar topics in these forums (eg, Source code location for the's aspectj plugin), so I’m wondering if this is a general feature which the Gradle docs should provide?

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This is actually a good idea. For non-bundled plugins the links can be found on the plugin portal(*), but it could be useful in the core docs to have references to where to the various Gradle repositories as not all are in the core anymore.

(*) Usually, but unfortunately some plugin authors have broken links.

@Schalk_Cronje Thank you – where can I find the issue tracker for Build Dashboard?

It seems to be the one at

Thanks! I mistakenly thought it would have a separate issue tracker (ala Maven). I’ll post there.