Latest gradle plugin for eclipse has gradle 1.2 bundled instead of 1.4

Hi I just love gradle! but …

I’ve just installed gradle plugin for eclipse as described here:

But it’s bundled with gradle 1.2 is there a way to update to 1.4? i badly need new features and there are 12+ ppl using it so manually updating is not really an option…

would really appreciate your help !

Thanks, Lukasz

The Eclipse Gradle Tooling doesn’t bundle Gradle. What it bundles is the Gradle tooling API, which is designed to support a wide range of Gradle versions. For builds that use the Gradle Wrapper, the Eclipse Tooling should choose the correct Gradle version automatically. For other builds, you can select the Gradle version to be used in the Eclipse Gradle preferences.

PS: Latest installation instructions for the Eclipse Gradle Tooling can be found here:

For me, my Eclipse tooling plugin uses Gradle 1.4 easily, just by configuring the plugin in Eclipse from the Eclipse settings page (not project settings).

Thank Jon, no i can see that option to set different runtime.

Peter, thanks for explanation. if you say that

the Eclipse Tooling should choose the correct Gradle version automatically

i’m just saying that 1.2 doesn’t seem to be right version for me since there is 1.4… is it a bug? misconfiguration? just asking …

anyway it would be really awesome if eclipse would be using gradle runtime update site to get latest version irrespective of gradle tooling … just a customer feedback… :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a great weekend :slight_smile: Lukasz

As I said, if you use the Gradle Wrapper (which I strongly recommend), Eclipse will automatically choose the Gradle version demanded by your build (which is much better than blindly using the latest Gradle version). Otherwise, it will default to some version (e.g. the latest version at the time the Eclipse plugin was released), and you can override this manually in Eclipse preferences.